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Robert Tabaldo is with David Devereaux.

September 19 at 1:37 PM · 

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Oh members of my club among our other noted friends on this list are indecent?????? I wish these damn reporters would get the story straight. It is NOT about The Grand's weapons is about singling out and outright banning "selected" groups of citizens from within their community.

Understanding what the owner is saying, the thing to bear in mind is not everyone causes trouble. There is a percentage of folks in every group, in every social class, etc. that breaks the law in some way or another, NOT just in motorcycle clubs. The standard "we have the right to refuse service to anyone" policy is typically applied to INDIVIDUALS who do not conform to a set of standards by the business. However, to paint a broad brushstroke against an entire group of people, calling us undesirable, non-decent, criminal gangs and banning others who have not violated policy (or even stepping foot in the establishment) is going way beyond what is actually necessary to maintain order. This is why the laws covering protected classes of people need to incorporate modes of transportation, attire and associations and memberships within organizations. Granted, laws against motorcycle clubs in other countries are more severe than here in the US, but we have a constitution. For sure, punish those that break the law, but that should apply to everyone and individuals, not "selected" groups. If we were to (of course we would NOT) take off our colors before entering, that doesn't change who we are and they wouldn't be the wiser. I can go on, but I'm so pissed off right now, I can barely form words.

AND......I'm sick of the "Violators will be prosecuted" on all these policy signs................."

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